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Allow a young, motivated intern to get to know your company and gain inspiration. The intern will suggest new ideas and apply a different business approach. No need to be afraid, allow an open and direct dialogue, and your company will definitely learn from this experience.

Two graduates will complete your company. For the duration of more or less 6 weeks, they will join your team. 

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Marylise & Rembo Fashion Group NV

The secret of Marylise? Dynamism, daring and above all creativity. A wedding gown is pure emotion. For both the designer and the bride. The company is in control of the whole production process. In this way they can produce tailored wedding dresses that don’t require alterations. 

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Café Costume

Café Costume fine-tuned their family tradition of craftsmanship in tailoring to a modern day and age. One to one, the company talks over a client’s wishes and dreams. 

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How does it work?

Unfold our steps for more details and information. 

Step 1 - Check-in:

Check your endless love for Fashion and innovation

  • We love Fashion
  • We love technology
  • We love working in the fashion industry
  • We believe in young interns, future workers
  • We are an open minded company

Step 2 - Register:

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Step 3 - Meeting with Creamoda & IVOC/IREC:

Meet our team and together we set out the path of our internship program. What’s possible at the company? Insurance-matters, the duration of the visit of one graduant, …

Creamoda: [email protected]
IVOC/IREC: [email protected]

Step 4 - Info-event:

Let’s meet up with everybody who takes part in the Young Patterns project. A nice gathering with the selected graduants, fashion companies and ambassadors.

Step 5 - Follow-up meeting & feedback:

How did your company experience the program? Did the selected graduates fulfill your expectations? Let’s discuss and create a strong, long-term internship program.



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