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Aanmelden voor Young Patterns Duo-Stage, volg de stappen hieronder

Step 1 - Register:

Scroll down to register your application.

Step 2 - Meet the Young Patterns team:

Connect with our team, the companies and ambassadors of the project. A moment where we can get to know your strengths, motivation and spirit.

Step 3 - Time to check your mailbox:

"Congratulations" you have been selected to enter the Young Patterns program.

Step 4 - Preparing the internship & info-event:

Get together with our team and run through the practical aspects. Let’s meet up with everybody who takes part in the Young Patterns project.

A nice gathering with all graduates, preparing and sharing all particularities, tips and for a good internship.

Timing and program will be communicated.

Step 5 - Start the internship-program:

Time to explore your interests and get to know the two companies in person and experience their daily activities. This wil be spread out over three months time. Taste, feel, look, hear, speak!

Our team will monitor your internship.

Step 6 - Follow up meeting and feedback:

Express your thoughts, feelings and comments on the Young-Patterns program. Hopefully, we can hear about your newly-discovered-goals.