How does it work?

Unfold our steps for more details and information. 


Step 1 - Check-in:

Check your endless love for Fashion.

  • We love Fashion
  • We love technology
  • We love to work with the fashion industry
  • We love good internships for our students

Step 2 - Register:

Scroll down to register the school.

Step 3 - Meeting with Creamoda & IVOC/IREC

Meet our team and together we set out the path of our internship program. A practical rendezvous where we talk about insurance, internship-duration,…

Creamoda: [email protected]

IVOC/IREC: [email protected]

Step 4 - Info-event:

Let’s meet up with everybody who takes part in the Young Patterns project. A nice gathering with the selected students, fashion companies, partner schools and ambassadors.

Step 5 - Follow-up meeting & feedback:

How did the school experience the Young Patterns project? Let’s discuss and create a strong, long-term internship program.


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